February 26, 2018

Wrestling schedule for the next 2 weeks.

Congratulations to the wrestlers that competed this weekend.   We have 2 more weeks of practice left before the season ends.  We typically continue practice until the youth state tournament which is 2 weeks away.    I understand that the number of wrestlers is dwindling each week, for those of you that are still going, use this time as if it were private lessons that you don't need to pay for!

Practice tonight - normal time.

This Wednesday - Robbinsville Board of Ed has instituted a night off from all activities, as such, we are not allowed to use any Robbinsville facilities.  For those of you that want to continue to practice - Steve Rivera will allow RWA wrestlers to practice at his MANALAPAN facility that night.

Inside the “Hot Corner Baseball Facility”

28 Harrison Ave

Englishtown, NJ 07726

6:00 Tots or Devo

7:00-8:30 Grade school thru HS

The following week is normal practice time.

If someone can post this note to Facebook too, that would be great.

Thanks.  Tony Torrington